Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Writing Lessons

Sometimes it takes hard moments to break through to your deeper emotional wells. Four months ago, when my father passed away, I went to the funeral. I held it together. I tried to be and do what everyone around me need me to be and do...and then I came home, and I fell apart. Something I found out about my dad that really touched me was that when his nephews had come out to our extended family, he reached out to them. He made sure they knew he loved them. When much of my very conservative family had been and continue to be confrontational, he was kind in his own way.Since then, I've talked to one of those cousins nearly every week. He has become a close friend and confidant. He extended that love and comfort right back to me.

As for the writing, for about a three day period after getting home, I went to my home office and started typing. I wrote, pretty much non-stop, and by the end, I had a little novel. I hit the send button, and off it went to to the first publisher I could find in the genre.It was a m/m romance. The funny part was that I had never read a m/m romance novel. I only know about six gay people in total (open to me, anyway). The story was accepted and is supposed to be published in July.

I'm nervous and excited about being published. I hope I do well, but I wrote mostly because I wanted people to know that there is always a place at the table, and I want them to search for that true love wherever it takes them. I can't see stopping my writing now. So, I guess the journey has begun.

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