Sunday, March 13, 2016

So Bike week has come to an end here in Daytona, and I'm back inside. Happily, I have a few new ideas for stories. One is another in the USG series. It's going to be about Kyle and Theo. We met Kyle during Dan and Billy's story. He's going to take Dan's suggestion to heart and find a way to go to school. Theo is the head of the maintenance department who gives Kyle a job, but, more importantly, helps him walk back into life after some bad experiences.

I also have plans for a story set here in Daytona...a European race car driver in for the 24 hour race meets up with a ROTC student from a local college...things go fast in this one.

Finally, I am working on a sci-fi novel that's full length. It's not a gay romance per se, but it's set in the future when the idea of intimate relationships is different from today. There will be people with a wide variety of beliefs and practices. The key to the story is that feelings of family, commitment, and community can change the very fabric of society. That's why I love sci-fi...absolute potential.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What do you do when you fall for your best friend?

My second book in the USG series is scheduled to come out this spring. It's University of Southern Georgia: Dan and Billy. Dan is...well, he's Dan. He's happy to embody the true spirit of being here and being queer...and he's ready to deal with everyone and everything that would love to shove him back in the closet...but that's already highly organized and completely filled to the brim with what he needs to succeed in theatre management.

Billy is, was, and will be a conservative gay man of the south. He had money growing up, but he also had a multitude of hard knocks. He is cautious in everything and copes with the anxiety of making small choices. When he meets Dan, he meets his own personal force of nature, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Problems: A roommate who hates him, a guy he likes who forgets to mention the boyfriend he lives with, a gay college republican who thinks he's a tramp, and a grumpy best friend who means everything to him...

When Dan met Billy, he saw what he liked. When Billy met Dan, he realized his world didn't have to stay broken...